Shipping Rates (update on 2020/1/6)


We ship worldwide and please find the table for international shipping rates. The system will automatically calculate S/H rates and you'll be able to choose either Airmail, Registered Airmail or EMS Express Mail during checkout. (Box Set Items & Special Package goods may not be applied with below rates.)

No. of CDsAirmail S/H RatesRegistered Airmail S/H Rates
EMS Express Airmail S/H Rates

1USD 3.99USD 5.99USD 24.99
USD 5.98
USD 7.98USD 24.99
3N/AUSD 9.97
USD 29.99
4N/AUSD 11.96USD 29.99
5N/AUSD 13.95USD 29.99
6N/AUSD 15.94USD 34.99
7N/AUSD 17.93USD 34.99
8N/AUSD 19.92USD 37.99
9N/AUSD 23.99USD 37.99
10N/AUSD 23.99USD 37.99
12N/AUSD 27.99USD 39.99
15N/AUSD 32.99USD 41.99
20N/AUSD 35.99USD 49.99
25N/AUSD 43.99USD 57.99
30N/AUSD 48.99USD 61.99
40N/AUSD 58.99USD 77.99
50N/AUSD 74.99USD 97.99

* Airmail requires NO signature and comes WITHOUT tracking. It takes about 10-18 days to arrive after shipment.

* Registered Airmail requires signature and usually takes about 5-18 days to arrive after shipment. Once it's in your local postal unit, you should be able to check the status by using the tracking number from below postal websites in your countries including  UK, RUSSIA, SPAIN, BRAZIL, SWITZGERLAND, NORWAY, FINLAND, DENMARKJAPAN, TAIWAN, HONG KONG, FRANCE, GERMANY ITALY,

(Please note that since October 2015, USA, Canada, Australia as well as most countries NO LONGER provides online tracking status for Registered Airmail.  But Registered Airmail will still be recorded and will require your signature to ensure safe shipping upon arrival.)

* EMS Express Airmail requires signature and comes with online status tracking plus insurance. It takes 3-7 days to arrive excluding customs delay.