FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact CDBANQ.com?

You can always contact our Customer Service Department and your email will be responded within 24-48 hours. Please always quote your order confirmation number if you are to inquire about the order status.

Do you have Reward Points Program? How does it work?

Yes, we do have uur Reward Points Program comes. To simplify, you can redeem US$1 for every 300 points you earned and the calculation will all be done automatically.

How to pay for my order?

You can pay with your credit card (Visa, Master, AE, Discover), bank account or balance via PayPal without sharing your financial information.

Will I be contacted with order status?

Yes. Once you have placed your order, the system will automatically generate an Order Confirmation Email to your email, which ONLY confirms the receipt of the order and assigns the Order Confirmation Number. We will process your order right after. We

How can I view the status of my order from CDBANQ.com?

Please login to your My Account page from the link on the top and you'll be able to view all status of your orders placed with us.

How do I know if the items I order are in stock?

On product page, you'll be able to view availability and estimated fulfillment/collection time. Available items will be shipped within 1-5 business days. Some items from small/indie labels may take more than 7 days to collect.

What if my ordered items become out of stock after I placed the order?

If for any reason, your ordered item become out of stock after your placed your order, we'll try to source it from our suppliers. If we're unable to bring it back to our stock within 5 days after we have received your order, we'll notify you by emai

How long will it take to ship my order after it is placed?

Most orders ship within 2-5 business days after being placed (excluding weekends and holidays). Few orders that contains items from small/indie labels might take more than 7 days to ship due to distribution inefficiency by those labels.

Are your selling new or used items ?

At this stage, we only sell brand new products.

What are your shipping costs?

You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.

When will my order arrive?

It usually takes about 5-14 business days for an order to arrive in most countries, however, the actual delivery time depends on the destination and the type of shipping. For international shipments it also depends sometimes on local customs office.

Do you combine order?

We are more than happy to combine multiple orders for shipping purposes, provided that the request is made early enough to accommodate. If you wish us to combine your orders, simply place your second order just as you did your first, then send a b

Can I cancel my order?

Unlike labels in most countries, Japanese media labels don't accept cancellation at all. So we will only accept order cancellation under two circumstances: 1) NEW ORDER As long as your order status is still marked as "NEW" from My Account page (us

I can't find the item? Are you able to locate it?

In most cases, you should be able to locate every Japanese release published after 2009. If you couldn't locate certain item, please feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to add it for you. If the title is still available from all of o

How to redeem my Reward Points?

Simply login to your My Account page / My Rewards section and you shall be able to redeem Gift Certificate (US$5, US$10, US$15, US$20, US$50, US$100) with your points. An unique Gift Certificate Code will be generated to you via email immediately

What currency are you using?

All transactions are conducted in US dollars and the Japanese list price (JPY$) displayed at the bottom of each product page is for reference only. We adjust currency exchange rate on a daily basis to ensure price competitiveness.

Is DVD playable in my country?

Unless otherwise specified, all DVDs we sell are in Region 2 format (playable in Japan, Europe & Middle East) and it carries NO sub-titles. In order to view the content of Region 2 DVD, you need a Region 2 or Region-Free DVD player or particular soft

How to track the shipping status of my order?

4/20/2009 by CDBANQ.com
Once your order is shipped, we'll assign mail tracking number via shipping confirmation email.

Why do you change your price all the time?

To keep you from being charged with overseas transaction fee and hidden handling fee by your credit card company, all transactions at our site are conducted in US dollars.