Reward Points Program


To reward our customers, Reward Points Program offered by us comes with the highest value compared with other merchants in the market. It's about 3.3% rebate off your order amount and could sometimes go up to 5-10% through our promotional campaigns. In short, you can redeem US$10 for every 3000 points you earned and the calculation will be done automatically.

By purchasing each product, you will automatically earn the Reward Points (number of points will be displayed on each product page). When you accumulate the points, you will be able to redeem Gift Certificate (US$5, US$10, US$15, US$20, US$50, US$100) through your personal "My Account" page.

As soon as the redemption process is completed, the system will automatically generate Gift Certificate Code to you via email and you shall be able to use that particular code to offset the order amount during the checkout page (Apply Coupon > Go.)

* Rebate % for other merchant rewards program ranges from 1% to 3%