[PROMOTION] 10% Off Discount For All SHM-SACD Titles (ends 2010/11/30)

Posted by Staff on 11/22/2010 to Pop & Rock
10% off discount for all SHM-SACD titles. Limited time offer til 2010/11/30.

ClassicalKarl Richter - J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suites No.1 & No.2 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGA-9001ADD2010/6/30
ClassicalSir Georg Solti - Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra / Dance Suite, Etc. [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9001ADD2010/6/30
ClassicalClaudio Arrau - Liszt: Sonata In B Minor [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9002ADD2010/6/30
ClassicalHerbert von Karajan - R.Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra.etc. [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9003ADD2010/8/25
ClassicalSir Colin Davis - Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9004ADD2010/8/25
ClassicalOzawa & Saito Kinen Orchestra - Beethoven: Symphony No.9 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9005ADD2010/10/27
ClassicalKarl Bohm - Bruckner: Symphony No.4 Romantic [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9006ADD2010/11/24
ClassicalAkiko Suwanai - Sibelius & Walton: Violin Concertos [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9007ADD2010/11/24
ClassicalSzell & Rco - Beethoven: Symphony No.5 / Sibelius: Symphony No.2 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9008ADD2010/12/15
ClassicalSeiji Ozawa & Saito Kinen Orchestra - Brahms: Symphony No.2/Ravel: Sheherazade [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9009ADD2010/7/28
ClassicalOzawa & Saito Kinen Orchestra - Britten: War Requiem (2CDS) [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9011ADD2010/9/22
ClassicalGergiev & Vpo - Mussorgsky (Ravel): Pictures At An Exhibition [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9013ADD2010/12/15
ClassicalClara Haskil - Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos.20 & 24 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9014ADD2010/12/15
ClassicalHerbert Von Karajan - Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9001ADD2010/6/30
ClassicalDaniel Barenboim - Saint-Saens: Symphony No.3 Organ / Danse Macabre, Etc. [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9002ADD2010/6/30
ClassicalKarl Bohm - Mozart: Requiem [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9003ADD2010/8/25
ClassicalSalonen & Lap - Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9004ADD2010/10/27
ClassicalHilary Hahn - J. S. Bach: Violin Concertos [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9005ADD2010/10/27
ClassicalCarlos Kleiber - Beethoven: Symphonis No.5 & No.7 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9006ADD2010/11/24
ClassicalMaurizio Pollini - Chopin: Polonaises [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9007ADD2010/12/15
ClassicalTheilemann & Vpo - R. Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9008ADD2010/12/15
JazzHakuei Kim - Trisonique [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGJ-9001ADD2011/1/19
JazzBill Evans - Portrait In Jazz +1 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9001ADD2010/8/25
JazzMiles Davis - Relaxin' With The Miles Davis Quintet [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9002ADD2010/8/25
JazzWes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9003ADD2010/8/25
JazzBill Evans - Waltz For Debby +4 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9004ADD2010/11/24
JazzSonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9005ADD2010/10/27
JazzArt Pepper - Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section +1 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9006ADD2010/10/27
JazzBill Evans - Explorations +2 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9007ADD2011/1/26
JazzMiles Davis - Cookin'With Miles Davis Quintet [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9008ADD2011/1/26
JazzSonny Rollins - Way Out West +3 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGO-9009ADD2011/1/26
JazzStan Getz & Joao Gilberto - Getz / Gilberto [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9001ADD2010/6/30
JazzJohn Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9002ADD2010/6/30
JazzJohn Coltrane - A Love Supreme [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9003ADD2010/6/30
JazzElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9004ADD2010/6/30
VocalSarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9005ADD2010/6/30
VocalDiana Krall - When I Look In Your Eyes [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9006ADD2010/12/15
VocalDiana Krall - Look Of Love [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9007ADD2010/12/15
VocalDiana Krall - Girl In Other Room [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9008ADD2010/12/15
JazzJohn Coltrane - Ballads [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9009ADD2010/12/15
JazzHelen Merrill - Helen Merrill [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9010ADD2010/12/15
JazzOscar Peterson - We Get Requests [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9011ADD2010/12/15
JazzBill Evans - At Montreux Jazz Festival [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9012ADD2010/12/15
JazzWes Montgomery - A Day In The Life [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9013ADD2010/12/15
RockThe Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9021ADD2010/6/30
RockThe Who - Who's Next [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9022ADD2010/8/25
RockDerek And The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9023ADD2010/6/30
RockEric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9024ADD2010/6/30
RockThe Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9025ADD2010/6/30
RockSteely Dan - Aja [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9026ADD2010/6/30
RockThe Police - Synchronicity [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9027ADD2010/6/30
RockThe Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9028ADD2010/6/30
RockThe Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9029ADD2010/6/30
R&BMarvin Gaye - What's Going On [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9030ADD2010/6/30
RockBlind Faith - Blind Faith [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9031ADD2010/8/25
RockDire Straits - Dire Straits [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9032ADD2010/8/25
Rock10CC - The Original Soundtrack [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9033ADD2010/8/25
RockBlack Sabbath - Paranoid [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9034ADD2010/8/25
RockKiss - Destroyer [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9035ADD2010/8/25
RockV.A. - SHM-SACD Sampler(2CDS) [Japan LTD Mini LP SHM-SACD] UIGY-9036ADD2010/10/27
RockRolling Stones - Beggars Banquet [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9038ADD2010/12/15
RockSteely Dan - Gaucho [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9039ADD2010/11/24
RockRainbow - Long Live Rock'N'Roll [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9040ADD2010/11/11
RockAsia - Asia [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9041ADD2010/10/27
RockCream - Wheels Of Fire [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9042ADD2010/10/27
RockJohn Mayall & Bluesbreakers - With Eric Clapton [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9043ADD2010/11/24
RockPolice - Outlandos D'Amour [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9045ADD2010/10/27
RockWishbone Ash - Argus [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9046ADD2010/10/27
RockCaravan - In Land Of Grey And Pink [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9047ADD2010/11/24
RockFree - Fire AndWater [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9048ADD2010/11/24
RockTraffic - John Barlaycorn Must Die [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9049ADD2010/11/24
RockFairport Convention - Liege & Lief [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9050ADD2010/12/15
RockRod Stewart - Gasoline Alley [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9051ADD2010/11/24
RockElton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9052ADD2010/12/15
RockKinks - Are Village Green [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9053ADD2010/12/15
RockStevie Wonder - Songs In Key Of Life [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9054ADD2010/12/15
RockStyle Council - Cafe Bleu [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9055ADD2010/12/15
RockWhitesnake - Come An' Get It [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9056ADD2010/12/15
RockGentle Giant - Octopus [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9057ADD2010/12/15